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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . good tuesday morning. look who we have here. terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. 40s and 50s now. we have a few 30s still around napa and fairfield. you can see it is a little warmer in some areas, 52 in san francisco now i am all is quiet as far as rain. -- let's talk about what is going to happen during the afternoon. low to mid 60s not as cool at the coast mid 60s to 70 bay mid to upper 60s inland high clouds and sunshine this afternoon. rain in the forecast, that coming up. first traffic. good morning. light traffic on the golden gate bridge.
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roadwork on the northern portion of the span a little off the span by vista point off the waldo grade, one lane then opens up to four, southbound into san francisco eastbound 4 at loveridge continues with roadwork until 5:30 detoured off then back on highway 4. elsewhere, no problems with bart, muni everybody off to a good start. embarcadero northbound closed due to roadwork between second and brannon until 5:00. developing news. another top military career on the line. stunning new revelations about the woman who put cia director general petraeus' affair in the pot light. katie marzullo with the latest. -- >> reporter: a lot of twists and turns for the woman who blew the whistle on general petraeus' affair at the center of her own scandal. jill kelley is the woman who
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received the allegedly threatening e-mails from broadwell. now the fbi is investigating e-mails sent between kelly and the -- kelley and the top commander in afghanistan, general john al -- john allen. secretary of defense panetta has receased a statement saying allen will keep his job as commander in afghanistan his next career move is uncertain. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. in the meantime, the secretary has asked the president and the president has agreed, to put his nomination on hold until the relative facts are determined. >> reporter: nomination is for commander of european command and nato forces in europe. confirmation hearing was scheduled for thursday it has been postponed. last night fbi agents searched paula broadwell's home in
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north carolina, you see them taking boxes out there. they are not saying what they took or what they found. one last thing, the fbi agent in florida who broadwell went to with the e-mails from jill kelley has been taken off the case his superiors say he's become too personally involved. katie marzullo, abc7 news. authorities are trying to determine what caused the driver of a pick-up truck to veer into a marin county reservoir killing the 70-year-old driver. witnesses saw the chevy weaving 6:00 last night, plunged into a guardrail and rolled over it. dive team saw the headlights on in 15 feet of water they pulled the driver free but it was too late to save 'em. >> one confirmed person driving the vehicle as deceased we are waiting on
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notification from the sheriff coroner. >> divers continue to search the water to make sure there were no other victims. investigators believe the driver was alone at the time of the crash. >> the port of oakland's executive director has stepped down in the midst of a strip club spending scandal. omar benjamin provided a statement about his resignation last night. benjamin accepts responsibility for his acts and apologizes. he was on leave following allegations one of his top aides spent $4500 of public money at a strip club. benjamin was among those at the club. the family of a marine are trying to understand why he was shot and killed by palm springs police over the weekend. police said they had no choice but to shoot him inside a parking garage sunday morning. >> reporter: during his four years with the marines, he had been sent overseas, including
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a deployment to afghanistan which is why his sudden death over the weekend makes it hard to process. omar lived across the street from the devillena family. >> he serves his country and combs home and gets shot. >> reporter: he was shot and killed by palm springs police in a parking garage saturday morning. police say devillena and his friend gander recognizer to comments to officers -- began derogatory comments to officers. police say -- >> the suspect accelerated, directly towards the second officer, striking him and continued on with the initial officer suspended from the passenger's side window. >> reporter: police say the officers feared for their lives and began shooting at devillena he was pronounced dead. as they were investigating it
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became clear that devillena had just stolen someone's iphone and wallet. >> investigators began hearing the victim's stolen phone ringing in the suspect's vehicle. >> reporter: he said he wonders go his alleged behavior was the result of any emotional hardship he may have endured overseas. >> they come back and some have a hard time coping itch >> reporter: as for the officers, they've been treated and released if the hospital. they are on administrative leave at the department -- as the department conducts an internal investigation. lilian kim, abc7 news. tonight moraga school board trustees will consider changes to the policy on child abuse. they've been working for months on language to satisfy state law which requires teachers and s to report suspect add because. they will be discussing a lawsuit filed in september by former middle school student kristen cunnane. she was repeatedly molested by
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two teachers during the 90s, when she was 12. the district claimed cunnane was careless and contributed to her own abuse but later withdrew that response. cunnane supporters plan to attend the meeting. hercules city council set to vote tonight on a draft resolution that would censure one of is members of unethical conduct and abuse of power when she allegedly pressured an engineer to stop a hercules resident from criticizing her on a blog in june. that resident works for an engineering is designing a joint waste water treatment plan. she went to the officials of the firm to stop the blogs. she apologized in september. sometimes in the fall towards winter you want to compare it to rollercoaster ride with the weather. >> i'm still not over the nice weather we've been having, the warm temperatures of weeks gone by with i have to adjust
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now because fall is -- gone by. i have to adjust now because fall is clearly here. >> live doppler good news it is showing dry air. it is quiet, no need to worry about rain. unlimited visibility this morning. a few high clouds. a little like yesterday. unlike yesterday not as chilly most of us will be in the 40s at 7:00. noon, five degrees warmer than yesterday, upper 50s to low 60s. 4:00 more high clouds, low to mid 60s. 7:00 we drop back into the mid 50s. tomorrow the warmest afternoon in the forecast, mid 60s coast low 70s for the rest of us, increasing clouds wednesday with a slight chance of shower up north. temperatures in the upper 60s around the bay and inland 60 coast. better chance of showers
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thursday, temperatures continue to climb back down, 58 coast, mid 60s for the rest of us. dry for now. good morning. bay bridge first look at toll everything is light, no problems, no issues on the upper deck. problem in the ben lomond area santa cruz mountains, wires down at highway 9 between upper and lower glen arbor closed there is a power outage in that area. northbound 101 shoreline boulevard in mountain view, debris in lanes has several cars off to the shoulder with flat tires. northbound embarcadero between second and brannon closed for roadwork until 5:00 this morning detour in place. that detour take as extra five minutes. >> next, abc7 news follows up on a frightening encounter
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with occupy demonstrations. talk about fanatic, midnight release that had hundreds lined up in the cold for hours. first here's this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: today microsoft has shown its window guy the door, the president of the window's unit is leaving the company less than a month after the launch of windows 8. new blackberry operating system and phones that run it will be unveiled the end of january go on sale the next month research in my shun hoping this will make blackberry phones relevant again. call of duty black operations goes on sale today. many who plan to buy in admit they will probably call in sick for work today.
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welcome back. breezes blowing through downtown san francisco, ferry building back to the bay bridge clear, a few high clouds no worries weather-wise until we get to thursday, then showers in the forecast. enjoy the warmer temperatures. 4:43. only on abc7 news this morning two hit by a car during an occupy protest in oakland suing bart and the oakland police department. their lawyers say it has been a year since the incident and police have not taken action. cell phone video shows a her say degrees hitting them both had surge -- mercedes. hitting >> normally they go to jail what was it about this situation that was so different? >> i don't know what is going on, depressing, disturbing.
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>> oakland police let the driver leave the scene. have heard nothing from police, neither bart or oakland police are commenting. the numbers are in from the bay area's new mall, staggering. paragon outlets mall in livermore reports 350,000 shoppers, record setting sales. auxillary parking lots open to accommodate estimated 100,000 vehicles that clogged roads on the weekend some were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. the video game industry is hoping today's release of call of duty black operation two will turn around sales. the 9th release in the series has gamers excited. the shooting game is designed
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for x-box 360, playstation 3 and microsoft windows. many gamers say they've been waiting for big holiday relosses like this to jump in and spend money. thanksgiving just -- 11 days away the cupboards are almost bare at a lot of food banks. what you can do to help. >> soda pop with a difference. we have sodas that don't add calories how about the cola that is promising to slim you down? before cold & flu season, help prevent
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here's a look at doppler across the state. showers north moving from southwest to northeast which means they are going to stay north of us again like yesterday. heading up to chico, reading, shasta snow mixing in eureka rain, sunshine for the rest of us, 61 yosemite, upper 60s sacramento, fresno. big sur sun, 80s los angeles and palm springs, 77 in san diego. later today congressman paul ryan will give his first national tv interview to abc news since losing the presidential election with mitt romney a week ago. he spoke first with our sister station in milwaukee and admitted the loss came as a suprise. >> when we had the numbers we were looking at it looked like we had a good chance of winning. when the numbers came in going in the other direction when we saw the turnout in urban areas
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which were unprecedented it did come as a shock. >> when asked if he with consider a presidential run in 2016? ryan said it is the last thing on his mind now. food banks are struggling to meet the need in the bay area many facing severe turkey shortage and pleading four your help. >> reporter: nine days before thanksgiving shirley says their pantry is practically bare. >> you see why i'm not sleeping well. >> reporter: for the 24th year the organization plans one of the largest thanksgiving dinners the east bay they plan to feed 5,000 people in need, which means they need more turkeys because this is all they have now. >> that's it. and i need 320 in order to provide the meals that we did last year. >> reporter: other shelters,
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pantries and organizations are also reporting shortages, because food banks that supply them are coming up short like second harvest of santa clara county, massive warehouse serves 750 organizations. inside this giant freezer, storeing 6,000 turkeys, that sounds like a lot. >> it seems like a lot until you realize we are feeding 250,000. >> reporter: kaitlin says they need 6,000 more turkeys. she thinks people need to be reminded. >> thanksgiving is a week earlier, electionsc9 just ended and thanksgiving is two week as way >> reporter: organizations say it is not just a meal, it is a day of community building. i'm alan wang, abc7 news. turkeys can be dropped off at the food bank in san jose and san carlos, second harvest extended hours to make
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donating easier we have times on under see it on tv. while you are at, you are going to find information on our share your holiday food drive coming up december 12th. the news team will be broadcasting live from around the bay area taking donations we have the locations on our website. >> join our efforts or it is simple set up a collection bin at your own office or local club and bring it to them, greatly appreciated. >> boy scouts will be doing it in my neighborhood this weekend. definitely time to start thinking about that with the weather turning cold, especially overnight. >> chilly the last couple of nights frost not likely this morning still cooler than average when you step out you will need a jacket by the afternoon i don't think you will be wearing that back home. vollmer peak towards emeryville back towards san francisco, picture not as
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clear as it has been haze developing, still not a spare the air day our air quality is fine. live doppler 7 hd spinning on top of mount st. helena clouds over the coast, a few high clouds through the morning become more dominant into the afternoon. with mainly clear sky, coolest fairfield and napa, upper 30s(kt there, 40s everywhere else until you go san francisco 52°. monterey bay low to mid 40s around the bay inland 39 in gilroy to 48 in salinas.wiv mostly sunny, warmer this afternoon. our warmest day is tomorrow. we'll have unsettled weather at the end of the week in the form of showers. today we are one degree warmer in oakland and santa rosa 67, concord five degrees warmer san francisco 65, 69 san jose. fremont from 60 yesterday to 69°.
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impressive considering we only get 10 hours and 11 minutes of sunshine this time of the year. here's a look at everybody, everybody in the 60s even at the coast, low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s bay and inland. monterey bay mid 60s to effie -- to 70. look at what happens tonight mainly 40s inland and 50s bay out to the coast, another milder night coming. jet stream still north storm track headed that way, it is taking a dip in the back and a wave is going to develop along this jet stream and roll into our neighborhoods. until it does wednesday into thursday best chance of rain today is up to our north. tomorrow warmest day, most of us in the 70s from the coast, slowly cool increasing clouds thursday, friday best chance of showers saturday, sunday, monday, still looks unsettled.
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best chance of rain probably sunday. san rafael southbound 101 some sort of police activity in the area of north san pedro, flashing lights. we'll follow that. maybe just a police officer pulling over a speeding motorist. elsewhere, no problems south 101 through marin to the golden gate bridge which is fog-free san jose 87 northbound headlights past hp pavillion on the left moving, light. first reports of accident westbound 580 before mountain house parkway, chp arriving on scene, four cars, left lane blocked that could wreck your commute out of the central valley westbound 580. to the santa cruz mountains highway 9 closed accident knocking down power wires outage in the area between upper and lower glen arbor in the ben lomond area.
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northbound 101 shoreline boulevard debris in lanes causing flat tires. chp en route to clean that up. u.s. super ter has taken the crown as the worldest fastest. -- titan is at the oakridge national lab in tennessee topped a list of 500 super computers unveiled yesterday at a conference in salt lake city. titan was retrofited by a santa clara company. engineers say graphics will allow titan to perform 70 called drill2)w beyond calculations per second. new pepsi drink claims it can cut the fat in your body. pepsi special set to hit the market today in japan, soda infused with direction trinh found in many supplements --
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-- dextrin found in many supplements sold here in the u.s.. >> new study suggests the old saying flattery will get you everywhere. team of japanese scientists say they've found a compliment encourages students to perform better a part of brain is stimulated when a person is rewarded with a compliment or cash. the study published online
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